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Accurate, flexible PTO tracking software

You might be worried that a system this powerful and flexible will be difficult to use. Good news: Our highly-capable platform also wins multiple awards for ease-of-use and value. You—and your employees—are going to love this.
Paid Time Off Tracker
Award-winning, easy to use PTO tracking software

Ease of Use

It's smooth sailing from here. With multiple Best Ease of Use awards, rest assured your employees will easily learn to use our software.

Save time with our time off tracker

Save Time & Money

Our recent surveys indicate that typical customers save an average of 10 hours per month by switching to our PTO tracking system. Larger organizations save dozens of hours per month using Built for Teams!

Accurate online PTO tracker


Say goodbye to ‘oops’. Our automated system eliminates the risk of human errors. No more spreadsheets, paper forms, or manual calculations. It's all done for you!

Customizable PTO Tracking Software

Customizable PTO Tracker

With the flexibility to support your organization's unique time off rules, our system has you covered.

Powerful, Customizable Policy Settings
  • Create an unlimited number of leave policies, including vacation, sick, personal, unpaid, holidays, and even walk your dog days.
  • Sophisticated, per-policy rules for carry over of unused time, maximum balances, waiting periods, blackout days, and more.
Automated, Flexible Accruals
  • Our PTO software supports automatic accruals, including increasing rates based on tenure.
  • Accrual timing is customizable, and can be fixed rates or variable based on hours worked.
PTO Request Software

Easy PTO Requests

No more paper forms or spreadsheets. Our time off tracking system makes submitting PTO requests a breeze.

Simple Self Service
  • Employees can quickly submit time off requests via the web, mobile app, or Slack.
  • Employees can also view their account balances in real-time (in hours or days), as well as status of pending requests, and full transaction histories.
Minimize Time Off Conflicts
  • Employees can create requests directly from the company calendar minimizing time-off conflicts.
  • Emails to approvers also include a list of others scheduled to be off on the same dates.
PTO Approval Software

Easy Approvals

Approve or deny requests with one click using our time off software.

Receive Notifications of Requests
  • Automatically receive an email with a summary of the request, a list of other employees scheduled off during that same period, and links to approve or deny the request in our PTO tracker.
  • Optionally send notifications of approved time off alerting key employees when staff will be out.
Automatic Updates
  • Approved requests automatically update the company calendar and employee record.
  • Employee vacation tracking, sick time tracking, and other paid time off tracking is automated and error-free.
PTO Software Calendar

Interactive, Shareable Calendar

Finally, a company PTO calendar that's always up to date.

Customizable Visibility
  • Knowing who’s in or out of the office isn’t an issue anymore.
  • Visualize all staff leave time right in the shared calendar.
Calendar Integration
  • Connect our PTO tracker to your Outlook or Google calendar.
  • Easily see who's out of office on any given day.
Paid Time Off and Slack Integration

Integrated with Slack

Using Slack for office communication? Good news! Built for Teams works seamlessly with Slack for PTO tracking.

Submit Requests From Slack
  • Easily submit requests directly from the Slack command line.
  • View a list of your PTO accounts and current balances.
Check In/Out Status
  • Easily check to see who is in or out.
  • See status by individual, team, location, or department.
Automated Employee PTO Time Off Tracking

Automated PTO Software

Save time and eliminate paperwork with our paid time off tracking software.

Self Service
  • Employees and managers can access their time off data anywhere, anytime.
  • Spend less time answering questions and more time being productive.
Detailed Reports
  • Reports on balances, time off requests, transactions, and employee stats.
  • Export or print reports using formats such as PDF, or CSV for import into payroll, timecard, and core HR systems.


"Our employees feel more empowered
in mangaging their time."

at Gateway Public Schools

Gateway Public Schools

The Company

A public charter school organization focused on streamlining processes and improving the transparency of its time management process.

Built for Teams Solves HR Challenges

The Challenge

Using a multi-step manual system, Gateway lacked the ability to provide its complex workforce with real-time data.

Built for Teams PTO, ATS, and Org Chart Solutions

The Solution

Built for Teams streamlined Gateway’s request and approval process empowering its employees to manage their time with access to current records.

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