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The ultimate org chart tool for decision makers

Ready for a data-driven org chart tool that goes beyond a static hierarchy? Built for Teams is interactive, dynamic, and collaborative to help your organization hire, retain, manage, and analyze your workforce.
Organizational Chart Software
Data-driven org chart software

Go Beyond Basic Org Charts

Let your data drive your organizational chart and provide you with deep insights beyond the simple reporting structure.

Strategic organizational chart tool

Plan, Strategize, and Implement

Build succession plans, hiring plans, and accomplish other strategic initiatives with ease.

Org chart and resource planning system

Discover and Develop Talent

Search your organization for people with key skills, certifications, or other attributes.

Create Organizational Charts Online

Easily Create and Format Org Charts

Flexible, attractive, and powerful. Great combo, right? Make org charts that go beyond static drawings.

Custom Org Charts
  • Display detailed info including department, contact information, location, schedule, bio, or custom fields.
  • Color code each employee by title, department, group, team, status, location, and more.
Org Chart Metrics
  • Display workforce metrics like span of control, head counts, and more.
  • Instantly see staff vacancies, open positions, and recruiting progress anywhere in the chart.
Easy to Use Org Chart Software

Intuitive Org Chart Software

Stop manually creating and updating company organizational charts. There's definitely a better way.

Interactive and Intuitive
  • Drag-and-drop editing of individuals, groups, or entire departments changes the underlying data in real time.
  • Enjoy dynamic, interactive chart navigation with pan, zoom, expand/collapse—all from a web browser.
Real-Time Accuracy
  • Manage both staff and position data, including: org structure, position status, salary, hiring plans, and other details.
  • Automatically keep a continuous history of changes for auditing purposes.
Printable Org Charts

Easily Share or Print Your Org Charts

We make it easy to create organizational charts that you can share with anyone who needs to see it.

  • Publish live, dynamic org charts throughout your organization, on your intranet, or publicly on the internet.
  • Easily share the current employee directory online.
  • Need a printed copy for the next leadership meeting? Create org charts and export to whatever format you need.
Company Organizational Charts

Visualize Your Workforce

Manage smarter with our information-rich org charts.

Instantaneous Information
  • At-a-glance view of span of control, manager-to-worker ratios, and other key staffing metrics give you real-time views of organization structure, people, and relationships.
  • Identify staff vacancies, staff budgets, and hiring plans.
  • Access key metrics by span of control, headcount, open positions, and much more.
  • Visualize rich, dynamic, custom reports of your staff based on unlimited numbers of custom staff attributes.
Organizational Chart with Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking System Integration

Bring it all together into one visualization tool.

Instant Hiring Status
  • Decision makers get real-time access to recruiting data.
  • Instantly see progress for any open position in the organization.
Detailed Visualizations
  • See how many applicants are in each stage of the hiring process.
  • View key stats such as number of days open, position close date, and more.


"The Marketing department was creating their org chart in In-Design and it was taking them too long to make changes."

Keith Biggs

HR Director at Otak


The Company

A growing multi-disciplinary design firm offering the flexibility and expertise of a large firm with the friendliness of a small organization.

Built for Teams Solves HR Challenges

The Challenge

Otak’s highly collaborative team works across multiple departments and locations, making it challenging to maintain an updated visual representation of vital information necessary for projects and proposals.

Built for Teams PTO, ATS, and Org Chart Solutions

The Solution

Built for Teams’ modern org chart provided a quick-to-access and simple-to-update platform for storing employee information and visualizing teams and departments across various locations.

We Do More Than Just Organizational Chart Software