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Organizational Intelligence

Up-to-date data, stats, and insights right at your fingertips.

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Built for Teams is a powerful, complete HR system

Built for Teams gives you core HRIS features to save time and money:

  • Employee HR Records and Documents
  • Paid Time Off Requests, Approvals, and Tracking
  • Recruiting and Applicant Tracking
  • Reporting on Tenure, Turnover, Demographics, and More
  • Compliance Reporting for I-9 and Other Files
  • Custom Fields for Your Unique Needs
  • Beautiful, Interactive Org Chart
  • Always Accurate Company Directory
  • Asset/Equipment Tracking

What people are saying about Built for Teams

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We use Built for Teams at Sidewalk. We are a college retail technology company with 110 employees. Built is simple and clean, and finally brings some real answers to the complicated world of HR and employee organization. It takes about ten seconds on Built to realize you're working with a smart product that matters. Highly recommended!
Alan Martin / CEO of Sidewalk
Rob marsh 184b948e896284cbb166f3c262afab3bcb976af0de08b86b714c61e6cd94a395
Built for Teams is well designed, intuitive, and powerful. The ability to request and approve time off makes life easier for both employees and managers. It's a huge time-saver to be able to manage and track PTO usage, keeping in sync with payroll at every step.
Rob Marsh / CEO of Logomaker