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Succession planning at its finest

Highly visual and fully integrated with your org chart. It’s time to ditch your spreadsheets.

Create Plans Create
Find Candidates Find
Identify Risks Identify
Develop Talent Develop
Create Plans
Find Candidates
Identify Risk
Develop Talent

Identify key positions and visualize plan status

Create and view plans from the org chart

Discuss critical success factors, potential candidates, and action items

Track readiness, performance, and flight risk for internal or external candidates

Search employees across your organization for skills, licenses, certifications, or positions

Use powerful visualization tools to color code information about employees and discover talent

Browse employee information without leaving your chart

Discover potential problems and assess the health of your succession plans

Customize powerful reports for succession plan risk, retirement risk, tenure, and more

Export reports using formats such as PDF or CSV

Identify skill gaps and create custom development plans

Keep private notes on employee records

Level up critical skills

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But don’t just take our word for it…


4.7/5 Average 496 Reviews

  • Keith B.Stars

    Built for Teams saves a lot of time. Our Marketing Department was spending hours and hours a month working on the org chart and now it is super easy to update. People go into view the link to the Org chart more frequently because it is easier to see, design and figure out.

  • Holly T.Stars

    I would definitely recommend Built For Teams, this software gets the job done and is so easy to navigate!

  • Dave M.Stars

    There is a lot of flexibility. It feels like this software is set up for us as opposed to it is set a certain way, and we have to change what we are doing to fit it.

  • Lilybeth C.Stars

    What we like most about Built For Teams is the ease of use for all our employees. It is a one stop shop for all employee documents and forms.

Built for Teams works with your other tools.

Org Charts and PTO for Google
Outlook PTO Tracking Calendar
Microsoft Integration for PTO Tracking and Org Charts
Built for Teams Org Charts and Paid Time Off Tracking
ADP Org Charts and Time Off Tracking
Slack PTO Requests and Approvals
PTO Tracking with Payroll Integration

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