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ADP Org Chart Integration

Want an org chart that automatically updates when you make changes in ADP? You've found it! Our org chart software is fully integrated with ADP.

Integration Overview

Automatically Build and Update Your Org Chart

  • New employees added to ADP are automatically added to your org chart in Built for Teams.
  • Former employees will be removed from your org chart when they leave the company.

Plan Your Workforce

  • Copy and edit charts to explore and compare what-if scenarios.
  • Design custom org charts for investors, clients, boards of directors, and others.
  • Collaborate on future-state planning charts.
  • Plan for reorganization or acquisitions and generate a list of changes to implement in ADP.
  • Create and view succession plans right from your organizational chart.

Single Sign On

  • You and your employees can sign into Built for Teams via Single Sign-On (SSO) from ADP.

Built for Teams is a Modular Platform

Intuitive, powerful tools designed to help you plan, hire, manage, and retain your workforce. Purchase only the modules you need now, and easily add others later.

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