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What people are saying about Built for Teams

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We use Built for Teams at Sidewalk. We are a college retail technology company with 110 employees. Built is simple and clean, and finally brings some real answers to the complicated world of HR and employee organization. It takes about ten seconds on Built to realize you're working with a smart product that matters. Highly recommended!
Alan Martin / CEO of Sidewalk
Rob marsh 184b948e896284cbb166f3c262afab3bcb976af0de08b86b714c61e6cd94a395
Built for Teams is well designed, intuitive, and powerful. The ability to request and approve time off makes life easier for both employees and managers. It's a huge time-saver to be able to manage and track PTO usage, keeping in sync with payroll at every step.
Rob Marsh / CEO of Logomaker
Manual HR management vs. an easy to use HR app
An effective hr solution to centralize and organize all employee data in one easy to use hris system.

Centralize Your Employee Records

Consolidate your employee information into one HR solution. Get rid of the paperwork and spreadsheets floating around your office.

Online records

From contact information to benefits, track all employee information accurately and securely from a single database that’s accessible from anywhere. Need to track employee t-shirt sizes, certification dates, driver license numbers, or any other non-standard HR information? Add custom fields to define what you want to track and whether or not it’s required for specific people within your company.

Paperless document management

Manage all employee documents from a single place. Use standardized forms for compliance and upload other documents such as employment agreements, contracts, work permits, certifications – anything you need to get rid of those paper file cabinets. Employees can complete and sign documents online.

An effective hr solution to centralize and organize all employee data in one easy to use hris system.
Our simple human resources systems allow you to easily manage recruiting and applicant tracking

Simplify Your Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

Automate the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process.

Collect applications in your HR system

Post openings to job boards including your own website. Collect resumes, filter and rate candidates, and screen the applicants.

Create custom hiring workflows

Create a custom hiring process for managing screening, interviewing, hiring team reviews, onsite interviews, tracking offers, and final acceptance.

Collaborate on candidate reviews

Hiring collaborators can leave comments, rate candidates, track reviewer voting, and change status to move applicants through the process.

Seamless hiring integration

Once you find the right person, they are automatically added to your org chart and employee directory. Enter data once and you’re done.

Our HR tool allows you to easily and seamlessly onboard new employees

Painlessly Onboard New Hires

Transition job applicants to new hires before they even show up on their first day of work.

Personalized onboarding page

Create an engaging onboarding experience for every new hire with a personal on-boarding page to easily collect personal information, fill out tax forms, and gather their benefits information.

Manage employee paperwork

Electronically capture required data and documents. With Built for Teams you’ll have peace of mind knowing your records are in order for I-9s, W-4s, employee agreements, and other critical, must-have documents and data. Save time with your own forms library of both standard and custom forms.

Seriously, no paper

Eliminate the paper chase with paperless employee onboarding. Documents are auto-populated with known information and employees can complete and sign electronically.

Our HR tool allows you to easily and seamlessly onboard new employees
Track employee benefits online with our hr management app

Track Benefits Online

Provide self-serve benefits tracking without having to leave your broker.

Simplify benefits data tracking

Manage all of your employee benefit offerings in a single location. Track benefit types, carriers, and plans. Track the benefits each employee has signed up for.

Provide employee self-serve access

Employees enroll through your provider but can track their benefits and programs directly from Built HR. Provide links to plans, programs, provider websites, and documentation for each benefit.

The easy to use HRMS system enables managers to track and manage employee PTO

Easily Track and Manage Paid Time Off

Request, review, and approve employee vacation, PTO, and absence requests in seconds with the Built Time Off tracker.

Customizable leave policies

Set unlimited numbers of leave policies and rules for each including sick days, personal days, holidays, and even walk your dog days.

Request time off in seconds

Employees submit time-off requests directly to their managers or HR for approval. They can view up-to- the-minute remaining balances, pending requests, and leave history.

One click approvals

Automatically receive an email with a summary of the request, a list of other employees scheduled time off during that same period, and links to approve or deny the request.

The easy to use HRMS system enables managers to track and manage employee PTO
Create customized HR information systems to automate org chart building and maintenance

Automate Org Chart Building and Maintenance

Maintain a dynamic org chart that automatically updates from your employee records.

Maintain an up-to-date org chart

Built org charts are interactive and data driven, not just pictures drawn with a graphics tool.

Instantly analyze and visualize the workforce

At-a-glance view of span of control, manager-to-worker ratios, and other key staffing metrics give you real-time views of organization structure, people, and relationships.

Share, publish, and print

Never get asked for the latest version of the org chart again. Publish live, dynamic org charts throughout your organization, on your intranet, or publicly on the internet.

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Real Support

Get personalized, quick responses from our support team. Our knowledge base also features helpful tutorials, tips, and articles.

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Built for Teams is scalable to employers of all sizes. Whether you have 5 or 1,000 employees or anywhere in between, Built for Teams will scale with you.

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We're paranoid about your data. We go the extra mile and encrypt sensitive data within our database. Rest assured your data is safe with us.

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10 person mininum
  • Recruiting
  • Custom Hiring Workflows
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Comprehensive PTO System
  • Complete Employee Profiles
  • Employee Documents & Signatures
  • Benefit Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Interactive Org Chart
  • Extended Employee Profiles
  • Company Directory
  • Departments & Teams

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