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Streamline your applicant tracking process

Leverage our robust Applicant Tracking System to move applicants through your custom hiring workflow. Get your hiring process out of spreadsheets and email and into a system that will save everyone time.
Applicant Tracking Software
Use Built for Teams to track all job applicants.

Move to the Cloud

Manage applicants in an intuitive, cloud-based tool—instead of a spreadsheet or email inbox—to reduce your time-to-hire.

Create custom applicant tracking system workflows.

Customize Your Workflow

Create custom workflows and collaboration for each job. Involve your team in the hiring process efficiently and effectively.

Easily keep track of hiring progress.

Visualize from the Org Chart

Utilize real-time recruiting data for each open position on an interactive org chart during workforce planning and strategy initiatives.

Online Applicant Tracker

Improve the Online Applicant Tracking Process

Let's face it: The spreadsheets aren't working very well. Move your applicant tracking process online.

Accept Applications Online
  • Create unlimited job postings for open positions.
  • Display job postings on your own website, automatically.
Receive Email Notifications
  • Be notified when new applicants apply.
  • No more forwarding applications; all team members are kept in the loop.
Online Hiring Software

Customizable Hiring Software & Workflows

Our ATS adapts to your unique hiring processes.

Customizable Hiring Stages
  • All applicants arrive in a single, shared inbox within the applicant tracking system.
  • Create custom hiring workflows for each job.
Search Across Stages and Jobs
  • Easily find applicants throughout the applicant tracking software.
  • Disqualify, block, or move applicants as needed.
Collaborative Job Applicant Tracking System

Collaborate with Team Members

Work as a team to efficiently hire the right people every time.

Involve Others in the Hiring Process
  • Invite hiring participants on a job-by-job basis.
  • Hire from within by advertising open positions internally.
Work Together to Make Great Hires
  • Participants can comment on each applicant.
  • Vote as a team on whether to advance the applicant to the next stage.
  • Reply to team comments via email.
Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant Tracking System Data Visualizations

Get more out of your recruiting data with our advanced visualizations.

Visualize Open Positions
  • See up-to-date progress of recruiting for each open position.
  • Drag-and-drop editing of individuals, groups, or entire departments changes the underlying data in real time.
Keep Management Informed
  • Manage both staff and position data, including: org structure, position status, salary, hiring plans, and other details.
  • Management gets realtime access to open position status and progress without having to access the applicant tracking system.


"Built for Teams gave us all the
flexibility that we needed."

at BioLite


The Company

An expanding U.S. based company looking to improve its hiring process with increased visibility of its international workforce.

Built for Teams Solves HR Challenges

The Challenge

BioLite was using a rudimentary, labor-intensive system consisting of various tools to hire for open positions across multiple locations.

Built for Teams PTO, ATS, and Org Chart Solutions

The Solution

Built for Teams refined BioLite's internal process with a single platform, saving them time and improving hiring team collaboration.

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